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Author, ghostwriter, and publisher Tanisha Mackin discusses what led her down the road of writing and shares encouragement for those who are hesitant to tell their story.

Tanisha, please share more about yourself. Who is Tanisha Mackin?

I am a mother, colon cancer survivor, 9-time best-selling, award-winning author, publisher, and ghostwriter. I am a native of Buffalo, New York and I currently reside in Georgia with my two beautiful children.

That is quite the resume you have. You mentioned you were an author. Tell me more about your book These Dudes for Everybody.

This happens to be my first fiction book, so I am excited about that. The book tells the story of four women on a roller coaster ride called, LOVE. Each woman comes from a different background, but their journeys are the same. Each wonders: Will they find love? I don’t want to give it all away, so grab a copy to find out where they end up!

Congratulations on your first fiction book! What inspired you to step out of your usual style of writing and pen this novel?

I am used to writing non-fiction content such as encouraging and inspirational books. One day, I fell in love with writing fiction. This book was influenced by everyday life, including my own, and the current dating world. I have included inspirational messages within the book, and plan to continue writing fiction geared towards the urban community.

Awesome, can you share how becoming an author has had an impact on your life? What have you learned?

Authorship has impacted my life in a major way! I began writing books after my husband was murdered on our one year wedding anniversary in the worst crime in Buffalo history. Writing helped me to heal. I wrote as a way to channel my feelings and thoughts. I had no idea that I was inspiring others in the process. Writing has taught me that I cannot please everyone, and that is okay. All I can do is tell my truth.

You mentioned being okay with not pleasing everyone. That is a major revelation. Explain how you overcame the fear of writing. What did you do when others shared their opinions about your stories?

Honestly, when I first started, I was afraid! I had to get to a point in my life where the opinions and negativity of others did not matter to me. Once I let go, it became easy! Knowing that I am encouraging and inspiring others helps me to keep writing and sharing my story.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Just WRITE!!! Never be afraid to share your story. You have no idea who will come across your book and find encouragement and inspiration. Push through that fear and write anyway! It is YOUR story to tell!

Your story is very inspiring! How can readers or potential clients find your content?

You can visit my website: My email is Find me on Instagram @TanishaMackinPublishing, Facebook: Tanisha D. Mackin, and Twitter @TanishaMackin

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