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Join us as we discuss influence, upbringing, and inspiration with Tracy Williams.

Hi, Tracy. Tell us more about your story. What inspired you to write?

I was raised by my grandparents who instilled a love for reading in me. In addition to reading, I love singing and songwriting; both of these have inspired me to write from an early age. My Music teacher, Mr. MacDonald encouraged me at the age of eight to take an interest in History when he taught a lesson about the political and historical significance of the Middle East. I could probably say that it was this moment that possibly inspired me to become a teacher as well as a historian and singer! So, my interests are born out of these topics: Education, Literature, Music, and History. All of these topics have inspired me to write my stories and shaped me into the person I am today.

My inspiration to write also comes from my upbringing, how I was educated, and my experiences as an educator. I have worked in London my entire career and have organized and participated in many Black history projects with my pupils. However, I never felt that the education system really did our children justice in providing history lessons from a more diverse, honest base. I feel that the British Empire is a good place to start learning about how the world has become what it is today. Our young people need to help make connections and join the dots between past actions and present-day consequences.

You definitely bring a wealth of knowledge to your books. How has your life been impacted by entering into the world of authorship?

It is hard work, frustrating at times, but rewarding. Becoming an author has made my life purposeful in a way that just being an Educator did not. Writing gives you a platform for your voice to be heard. Also, being an author presents the potential for you to evolve from an ‘educator’ to an ‘authority’ on a subject. This allows you to be able to dig deeper into content and explore the writing process as you've never done so before. When you write, you become a creator and that is pretty powerful.

Let our readers know how you pushed through fear to reap the rewards of being an author.

Not being limited by what others may think definitely helped me combat fear. If you want to write something out of the ordinary, different from your culture, and associations – then DO IT! Seeing my books in print has been the most rewarding part of being an author. It feels good knowing that readers appreciate and agree with my message. I have gained the understanding that I have created something that will be around forever. In other words, I will outlive myself because I am leaving something behind.

How can others connect with you and support your work?

They can visit for my multimedia learning platform and my stories. Through my website, they'll find my other social media platforms:



Twitter/dw_tracy and



They can also connect with me on:

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